“NPO Foster Care for Infant, Children and Adolescents in FUKUSHIMA”

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The children’s homes in Japan were founded in the aftermath of the World War II in order to provide the refuge to the orphans.
Nowadays more than half of their residents are the children abused by their living parents. The children’s homes provide these children with social protection.

In August 2011, almost 6 months after the Great East Japan Disaster, I visited AOBA GAKUEN children’s home in Fukushima city. I was teaching at a nurse university in Tokyo at that time. I was deeply grieved to see how the children were living under the threat of radiation. My report gave birth to our association, Foster Care for Infants, Children and Adolescents in FUKUSHIMA.

We independently measure the radiation level of the children’s homes. Even the low level of radiation could damage young children’s health. Preventive measures, early stage detection & treatments are necessary. We provide various health care services for these children.

These children have no parents or tutor who could represent or protect them against the damage inflicted by the nuclear accident. They cannot change their living place without Fukushima prefecture’s authorization. Even when they claim to be re-located to a safer place, they cannot choose where to go and are likely to end up in a disadvantageous situation.

Our association aims to provide a long term health care services to these children.

I had resigned my teaching position at the University and moved to Fukushima city in order to give the association my full commitment.

Officially recognized as a Specified non-profit organization (NPO), our association has been developing its support in co-operation with local NPOs and professionals.

We hope to arouse larger concern for these children under low radiation.

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