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◎NPO Foster Care for Infants, Children and Adolescents in FUKUSHIMA

Executive directors:Kazumi SAWADA, Hitoshi SHIWAKU
Postal code:960-8055
Address:Fukushima prefecture, Fukushima city, Noda machi, 6-4-74-5 C203. Japan
E mail: fukujidou@yahoo.co.jp

〇Kazumi SAWADA  澤田 和美 (Executive Director) at
Foster Care for Infants Children and Adolescents in FUKUSHIMA secretariat office

〇Hitoshi SIWAKU 塩飽 仁 (Executive Director )
Professor, Department of Child Health Nursing
Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine

〇Mitsue MARU  丸 光惠 (Vice Director)
Professor, International Nursing Development
School of Nursing and Rehabilitation, Konan Women’s University

〇Nobuyuki KOBE  神戸 信行 (Director)
Board of Director of Children’s Home AOBA GAKUEN

〇Hisao SAITO 齋藤 久夫 (Director)
Former Director of Children’s Home Fukushima Aiikuen

〇Nobuhiko ITO 伊藤 信彦 (Auditor)
Director of Children’s Home Horikawa Aiseien



We invite you to become a member of our association
As a private person you can be a “supporting member” whose membership fee is considered as donation.
Annual membership fee for a private person is 3,000JPY.

A corporate organization will be a supporting member.
Annual membership fee for a corporate organization is 10,000JPY.
Our accounting year runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December each year

Your donation is welcome at any moment of the year.
Please send us your complete membership application form by fax, or by e-mail.
In case of application by e-mail, please send the form as attachment document.


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